Ball Ed VI

Ed has been telepathically summoned by Grand Mage Jean-Michel…

©Runningtime 2019.


Drawn and produced all analog, thx Sony corp.,Panasonic inc.©Running Time 2016.

Ball Ed’s adventures is a graphic novel inspired by André Breton and Philippe Souplault’s automatic writing process.
The illustrations have been produced with a modified low-fi analog video sketch pad from the early 1990’s.
Computer is only used to encode and edit.No compositing, no effects.
The challenging aspect of working with that tool is of course part of the concept because of its difficulty to draw with.The graphics tends naturally to be minimal and simple shapes based.
The drawings had to be completed straight and quite fast to avoid overheating issues and fatal crashes.
It has no ctrl Z history type comfort like we are used to on nowadays drawing programs.It has no back up option
and only one « undo » button.
Many Sketch pads were damaged, and fixed during the making.
Main idea was also to use and hack the « naive » icons stored in memory such as soccer balls, trees and more, incorporating them into this loufoque storytelling.