Telestrations (Video illustrations)

This section features a selection of illustrations produced on video sketch pads from the early nineties.The image can be altered on circuit bent units.The graphic style has a « hatch-a-sketch » kind of look due to it’s abscissa and ordered conception.

I call them « telestrations » as they was once sold under that name.Beside the hacking,  I’ve been handling the challenge of using it.These are terrible to draw with.The disturbing lag that can quickly get over your patience but you’ll figure out some tricks to perform an artline of your own.It will question your skills and conception of drawing, forcing you to create new codes.

I must admit that I was hooked by the « OG pixel » look and the thrill of producing pixel-like art without computer intervention.


Some have their  glitchy versions that have been done realtime once after the illustration was complete.These aren’t databending but rather analog video glitching directly processed on the device itself.