Ball-Ed adventures

Ball-Ed adventures_Episode I

Ball ED has no hair and geeked too much watching vids.He once met god or else.One tremendous power of glitching the all world has been put between his mortal hands.Now it’s too late…

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Ball-Ed adventures_Episode II

Ball ED is in the grip of violent headaches while his mysterious and untameable telekinetic powers increases.
Driven by hatred and plugged by the prospects which this sidereal gift provides, ED is now like a fox in a hen house and out for revenge…

Visuals, bent devices and sound scapes by Running Time.
©RunningTimeLabs 2015.




Ball-Ed adventures_Episode III

On advice of an unknown, Ed goes to the doctor’s of the head. He will be admitted free of charge in mental resort where he will meet a fellow named napoleon…

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Ball-Ed adventures_Episode VI

Ball Ed s’ennui et décide de sombrer dans le psychothrope épineux.
Saura-t-il se tirer de ce mauvais pas?

Ball Ed is bored and dwells into a thorny drug.
Will Ed be strong enough to get off that hell?

drawn and recorded all analog, thx Sony corp.,Panasonic inc.©Running Time 2016.

Ball-Ed adventures_Episode 04 from Running Time on Vimeo.