Born in Normandy, France in 1972, Marc bascougnano (Running time) is rapidly attracted by arts and especially drawing.He studies art in highschool and later animation at CFT Gobelins visual School in Paris where he gets graduated from in 1994.
He’ll be starting working in UK on several animated feature films such as « Balto« (Universal) and later on the early films of Dreamworks SKG (« Prince Of Egypt », « Road To El Dorado« ) in Los Angeles.
He comes back home in 2000 and works as visual development artist and character designer on various  animated shows.
By 2004 he starts working on video editing on personal side projects, encoding and archinving super8 films and VHS tapes, progressively heading towards conceptual and exprimental video works.RT is involved in Vjing and live audio/video peformances often abstract and glitch oriented.Obsessed by the error aesthetics and considering glitch art as a witness role, he tends to let the machine do the talking as the device becomes the artist and the artist the medium.

photo by François Rosso

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